The Phoenix Group Taekwon-do
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Master John Tompkins
Phoenix Group Founder and Mentor
8th Degree Master John Tompkins
Grand Master Choi
International Teakwon-Do Federation President
9th degree Grand Master Choi, Jung, Hwa

  • The Phoenix Group is an Independent National Organization; one of the International Teakwon-Do's officially recognized national bodies.

  • The Phoenix Group Clubs owned and taught by internationally certified instructors, link to the ITF through the Phoenix Group.

  • Our success internationally brings valuable experience to our clubs.

  • The Phoenix Group clubs teach, from a two volume set of manuals. These manuals, designed and developed by Master Tompkins, take the student to first degree Black Belt.

  • The Phoenix Group works primarily on a consensus basis, when possible, eliminating political positions and stressing networking and co-operation.